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The personal freedom students enjoy at the high school / college / university can be a challenge. This level of independence is a new experience that may be a lot to handle.

Students frequently face some of the following challenges:

Underestimating the workload and inadequate time management

A typical example for underestimating the workload, combined with inadequate time management, is the following: “When I start studying for an exam, I always believe I will have enough time, but it turns out that I’m on such a tight schedule that I don’t have time to review the material before the exam.”

Lack of motivation, failure to set goals, negative expectations

Some students feel that they can’t get themselves to actually sit down and study, that the topic is just not interesting to them and that they don’t see the point of learning it. Also, some feel that no end is in sight.

Fear of failure

Does the following statement sound like something you might say to yourself? “When I’m studying, I always think I might fail the exam. I always think that I won’t be able to do it and I wonder what other people will say about me. This fear paralyzes me.”

Inadequate study techniques

If you rely on inadequate study techniques, this statement probably describes you: “I spend hours memorizing the material and when I take the exam, I seem to have forgotten all of it. Every fact seems as important as the next, and I can’t see the essential points.”

Lack of focus

You are experiencing a lack of focus if you think along these lines: “As soon as I sit down to study, my mind drifts and I think about anything else. I welcome any distraction I can get.”

To help students learn efficient study techniques, we offer individual coaching services that will boost your study skills, improve your academic performance, and enhance your scientific achievements. In some cases, group sessions are the best approach because participants tend to motivate each other and learn from exchanging experiences. Attendees will learn new study skills as a team and use role play to act out exam situations.

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