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Roughly one in four seekers who come see us at our sessions struggle with personal challenges. These challenges include interaction with fellow workers, peers, family conflicts, anxiety and personal crises which usually have a negative effect on overall performance.

How do you deal with your problems?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you seek advice from your friends/ family?
  • Do you cause distress to others and insist they should help you?
  • Do you distract yourself with other activities?
  • Do you always try to achieve more and more in order to feel better about yourself?
  • Do you search for the causes of your difficulties in order to learn from your mistakes?
  • Do you seek help from experts?.
We recommend seeking professional help if..
  • Your ability to work and your quality of life as a result of mental overload are considerably impaired.
  • You are so blocked by fears, depressive feelings or relationship problems that it is hard for you to keep up with your everyday activities.
  • The same problems keep coming up and you feel you can’t handle them alone.
Getting the help you need

Seeing a psychologist or psychotherapist can be a difficult step to take. After all, there are a lot of stereotypes and fears associated with it, including the following:

  • If you go see a psychologist, you can’t be normal
  • If you can’t get yourself out of a crisis, you’re a failure
  • It is embarrassing to share highly personal problems with a stranger

Actually, the opposite is true: it is totally ok to have problems and to get the help you need to solve them. Remember that seeking (professional) help is a sign of strength.

If you…
  • would like to clarify questions and uncertainties
  • would like to discuss your problems as effectively as possible
  • are not satisfied with yourself and would like to work on developing your personality
  • have had enough of being stuck in a crisis for too long
  • would like to get help to help yourself

you have come to the right place! We will be happy to help you learn to cope with your challenges while helping you grow as a person.

Call +91 9566808405 or write to theprimestate@outlook.com regarding an appointment.