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The Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop will provide you with a holistic look at your market environment, providing you with market research and identifying a strategic direction, a marketing report and the required tactical online marketing activities to drive your business forward.

Stage 1: digital strategy workshop

Our consultant will spend two hours with you, delving into how your industry, business customers and competitors operate, analyzing needs and issues as well as identifying areas for improvement.

Specific attention will be paid to your current online activities and outcomes, and the desired outcomes you have for your digital marketing activity. This will include customer attraction and retention, as well as operations and customer service.

Taking the time to pinpoint exactly what you require will make it easier for us to develop practical and cost-effective plans for you.

Stage 2: marketing research report

Following the two-hour workshop, the Digital Marketing Consultant and Research Analyst will conduct further research into your operating environment to produce a comprehensive report on your business, competitors, industry online trends and more.

Stage 3: digital strategy and action plan

The Digital Marketing Consultant will then create a tailored set of prioritized digital strategies for your business including recommendations for website structure & optimization, and digital marketing activities such as social media, online advertising and email.

We will conduct a further one-hour meeting (via phone conference or in person if you prefer) to walk through the key recommendations within the plan.

The workshop will be run by our Digital Marketing Specialist and will require input from you and your key staff. The workshop is performed in our offices, or via video conference where applicable. For more enquiries call us at +91 9566808405 or write to theprimestate@outlook.com