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A business plan is the vehicle to steer your business to success. The Prime State can assist you with developing a robust roadmap specifically tailored for your business and industry. It doesn’t matter at what point in the business life cycle you are, we have the experience to write highly effective business plans whether you are looking to start a business, managing an existing business, grow your business or wanting to exit your business.

Our Business Plans are completed by bringing you along on the journey. We hold face-to-face interactive consultations to understand your vision and plan your future direction and growth together. Whether you are a start-up, small business or a large business, if you want to transform your business into an established & revenue generating one, then The Prime State is the right advisory firm. Our customized professional services will provide your business with the competitive head start to become a leader in your industry.

We are strong believers that the most effective business plans are dynamic and evolve as your business grows and changes. At The Prime State, we offer more than just a business plan document, we are available to stand by you as you implement the strategies and goals in your business plan and help you stay on track by measuring and reviewing financial and operational performance along the way.

What is included in our Business Plans? At The Prime State, all our business plans are customized and vary based on business needs and industry. Key focus areas include:

  • Product/Service Definition – We offer assistance in defining key product / service features, pricing, launch strategy into the market
  • Industry Research – We conduct in-depth industry research to help you understand the external environment your business operates in. We identify key industry trends and benchmarks which are used to facilitate the development of business strategies and set performance measures.
  • Customer Analysis – Analyzing the attributes of your customers can assist with ensuring your product/service features, pricing and marketing strategy are compatible with your target market’s requirements.
  • Competitor Analysis – Knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses is invaluable when defining your business point of differentiation and establishing your competitive advantages.
  • Marketing Plan – Establishing the right marketing mix (digital versus print) for your business is crucial. The Prime State facilitates the development of a high-level marketing strategy that is based on your target customer and aligned with your business product/service offering to provide the right competitive advantage. We also assist with establishing a marketing budget that meets your business needs.
  • Pricing Strategy – This is a primary aspect that will make or break your position in the market. In order to stay in the competition, the prices you quote should be strategic. A third-party consultant gives your business an independent perspective to ensure pricing aligns to your business target market and you get the competitive advantage.
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators – Without robust KPIs, a business will not have the capacity to grow & become competent and beat its primary competitors in the market. The Prime State will assess and develop the KPIs that will work best for your business model.
  • Financial Budget – Budgeting is a vital key factor into starting or growing a successful business. The Prime State builds a budget to ensure your business will earn a higher revenue and not lose money.
  • SWOT Analysis/Risk Assessment – Proactive identification of strengths, weaknesses and key risks can ensure that the right mitigation strategies are implemented on a timely basis.

We offer flexible solutions that are highly effective at competitive prices. We work towards generating results that yield higher profitability and 100% satisfaction.

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