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Psychology can be defined as a formal study of the mind and a more systematic approach to understand and cure mental conditions.

It’s a belief that the human psyche is the seat of all knowledge and that the human mind is imprinted with all of the knowledge it needed. As a result, learning is a matter of unlocking and utilizing this inbuilt knowledge.

According to Plato (teacher of Aristotle) the mind consists of three interwoven parts, called the Tripartite Mind;

  • The Logistikon: The intellect, the seat of reasoning and logic
  • The Thumos: The spiritual centre of the mind, which dictates emotions and feelings

The Epithumetikon: The part governing desires and appetites

According to him, the healthy mind means a balance between the three parts, and an over-reliance upon any of these parts leads to the expression of any given personality. (For example, gluttony and selfishness explains a dominance of the Epithumetikon, letting desires govern behavior.

Hence, if we aim at theorizing a perfect society, then referring to Plato, the rulers of such a society, those who determine course and policy, should be drawn from men who have logical reasoning, Logistikon. Individuals with a strong Epithumetikon made excellent merchants and acquirers of wealth whilst the Thumos, which can loosely identified with will and courage, was the domain of the soldier.

While the reverence goes to maintain the idea of a human mind balanced between the three impulses.

That’s the whole story about, creating a balance between Body, Mind and Soul, which in modern times is referred to as ‘Holistic Health’.

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