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Cody’s (Buffalo Bill’s) autobiography has actually have a tendency to come called one huge embellishment off beginning to end up

Brand new homecoming sailor joyfully welcomed his partner and you may kid

elude (il OOD) vt. step one. to utilize quickness, smart, an such like. to avoid being caught; evade; dos. to leave detection, observe, or knowledge • The fox will not often elude recognition by the hounds. • The fresh prisoner eluded the brand new guards by the hiding regarding the washing bin. • I do know the girl deal with, however, the lady term eludes myself. [-d, eluding] [Syn. escape]

Jones excitedly embraced his the fresh profession

embellishment* (em BEL ish mint) letter. step one. fancying upwards; 2. a thing that adorns, as the an ornament, or a bit of fancifulness put into an informative account; a like music terms • Forest bulbs and you can icicles are added given that accessories. • A storyteller usually contributes a few embellishments, in order to make their (or somebody else’s) character are available more significant. • William F. • Good rimshot to your an excellent snare guitar accompanying a tv speak-tell you host’s punch line is actually an embellishment. embitter (em Part ir) vt. step one. so you’re able to rage; create annoyed otherwise morose; dos. and come up with much more bad; exascerbate; exacerbates • Disregard their cynicism; they are simply an enthusiastic embittered old grouch. • Draw their locks are destined to embitter this lady even more. [-ed, -ing, -ment n.]

accept (em BRAYS) vt. step 1. so you’re able to enfold regarding the possession, always as the a phrase off affection or appeal; to kiss; dos. to just accept easily; so you’re able to get yourself away from; 3. when planning on taking upwards otherwise embrace (particularly excitedly or undoubtedly); 4. to incorporate; incorporate • • • •

Phyllis embraced Cathy’s bring to assist the lady having mathematics. Mr. Brand new research off biology welcomes zoology and you may botany. [-d, embracing] [Syn. include]

embroil (em BROYL) vt. 1. to combine things upwards; bungle; jumble; dos. to help you entice with the a fight or struggle; enter into troubles • Their waffling about the subject served in order to embroil matters. • The newest Northern and you will Southern was swept up regarding bloody Municipal Conflict. [-ed, -ing, -ment letter.]

emend (ee MEND) vt. step one. while making scholarly corrections otherwise improvements in order to a book; 2. (rare) to correct otherwise improve • Loren must emend the new manuscript to take into account the newest latest information about the topic. • Immediately after trying to find problems, the writer emended the text. [-ed, -ing]

emergence* (ee MOER jins) n. 1. a becoming obvious; coming forth https://datingranking.net/local-hookup/belleville/ on consider; a developing; 2. an enthusiastic outgrowth of within the external coating off a herb • The new abrupt emergence of one’s beluga whale off underneath the surface trapped all the whale audience from the shock. • The latest emergence of your sun regarding beneath the views are well worthy of waking up early to look at. • They grabbed a couple weeks until the development of your own prickles with the rosebush. emigrate (EM we grayt) vt. to exit you to definitely country to repay down an additional • During the potato famine, most people emigrated of Ireland and you may stumbled on the united states. • Albert Einstein emigrated toward Us regarding Germany. [-d, emigrating] [Syn. migrate; Ant. immigrate]

eminent (EM during the int) adj. step one. rising significantly more than other things or locations, each other literally and figuratively; high; lofty; 2. projecting; prominent; protruding; 3. position highest when compared to other people, such as rank or completion; renowned; exalted; known • New Matterhorn are a keen eminent level on Swiss Alps. • Work regarding U.S. senator are an eminent updates. • George Patton are a general having eminent achievement. [-ly adv., eminence n.] [Syn. famous]

emissary (EM are ery) n. a realtor regarding a government, a buddies, or just one delivered for the a certain goal • The fresh Italian ambassador toward Un is actually sent once the an emissary into serenity discussions. • Even though the United states was never ever a person in the new Category from Nations, our very own authorities sent an emissary truth be told there to look out for Western passion. [emissaries pl.]